Saturday, 14 January 2012

Manifesting the Unmanifested

Creation/imagination is limitation. Every time you have a thought you limit your boundlessness.

Every time you build something you contract the universal into a single dot. You create matter from condensed particles. From the point of view of the universal unlimited potential an object is something dead. Even if newly created, it is bound to die one day. Everything around us is bound to die because that condensed energy longs to be free. Sooner or later every object, be it a planet or a human body will go back to the elements from which it was created.

Even self-awareness is limitation, you are aware of your own body or a thought, both being objects.
Everything you perceive with your 5 senses (6 if you consider the intuition) is an object - a landscape, the moon, your thoughts. They are all objects.

They are all your creation, the way in which you manifest into this world.

If you stop objectifying your surroundings you live in a perpetual state of the unmanifested. You are nothing and everything, the alpha and omega if that sounds more familiar.
There is nothing there but still everything appears out of that nothingness. "Nothing" becomes something. The something (the objects we see around) are an illusion of our senses. It is also true that if it takes "nothing" to be something then why not be everything? Because nothing is limited so you can truly have everything. Everything you ever wanted.

That sounds good in theory but I guess it is harder to put in practice. Not because it`s really "hard" but because it takes faith to go for the last yards and accomplish that "something".
And then funnily enough you achieve that "something" followed by the "everything" for then to realize you are still not satisfied. Something is missing.

Yeah but, remember how we just said that everything is born out of "nothing". Well then everything is as good as nothing. You tried to manifest the unmanifested, to limit the boundlessness, and you got a fraction of the whole package. No matter how much you accumulate it will still not be enough. It will not feel complete.
So the secret is to be the unmanifested instead. Don't limit yourself to be that or the other, to be rich or to have the perfect spouse or to travel the world. They are just limitations.

So this might represent an answer to the question why we are here. We are nothing but a manifestation of the unmanifested in a material plane. But why do we need to separate ourselves from the wholeness and come here? What is it to learn? Why do we have to feel divided and to long for reuniting with the source? I still to find an answer to that question. That if there is answer.

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