Saturday, 14 January 2012

Manifesting the Unmanifested

Creation/imagination is limitation. Every time you have a thought you limit your boundlessness.

Every time you build something you contract the universal into a single dot. You create matter from condensed particles. From the point of view of the universal unlimited potential an object is something dead. Even if newly created, it is bound to die one day. Everything around us is bound to die because that condensed energy longs to be free. Sooner or later every object, be it a planet or a human body will go back to the elements from which it was created.

Even self-awareness is limitation, you are aware of your own body or a thought, both being objects.
Everything you perceive with your 5 senses (6 if you consider the intuition) is an object - a landscape, the moon, your thoughts. They are all objects.

They are all your creation, the way in which you manifest into this world.

If you stop objectifying your surroundings you live in a perpetual state of the unmanifested. You are nothing and everything, the alpha and omega if that sounds more familiar.
There is nothing there but still everything appears out of that nothingness. "Nothing" becomes something. The something (the objects we see around) are an illusion of our senses. It is also true that if it takes "nothing" to be something then why not be everything? Because nothing is limited so you can truly have everything. Everything you ever wanted.

That sounds good in theory but I guess it is harder to put in practice. Not because it`s really "hard" but because it takes faith to go for the last yards and accomplish that "something".
And then funnily enough you achieve that "something" followed by the "everything" for then to realize you are still not satisfied. Something is missing.

Yeah but, remember how we just said that everything is born out of "nothing". Well then everything is as good as nothing. You tried to manifest the unmanifested, to limit the boundlessness, and you got a fraction of the whole package. No matter how much you accumulate it will still not be enough. It will not feel complete.
So the secret is to be the unmanifested instead. Don't limit yourself to be that or the other, to be rich or to have the perfect spouse or to travel the world. They are just limitations.

So this might represent an answer to the question why we are here. We are nothing but a manifestation of the unmanifested in a material plane. But why do we need to separate ourselves from the wholeness and come here? What is it to learn? Why do we have to feel divided and to long for reuniting with the source? I still to find an answer to that question. That if there is answer.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year`s Resolutions

...are bound to fail. You make a "promise" to yourself to do that or the other. However you try to change the effect by neglecting the cause. The cause is who you are and not what you do. You cannot get different results by being the same person you were until now. You cannot do different things when your subconscious is still conditioned by your old perks.
Want to change your life in the year to come? Then I suggest you first drastically change who you are.

For example let`s take one case. He`s been searching for oneness and enlightenment for a while now. Every path he took seemed promising in the beginning but in the end didn`t bring him any "tangible" results. That was what he asked for - results. However results are the award of the logical mind. You can ask for results when you start a business or learn a profession.

Results are the product of the material world. The thing he was looking for was not. The "awards" for his immaterial journey could not be material. They cannot be quantified in this plane. Maybe they can be quantified in another dimension, but not here.

Looking for "tangible" result here means only that his spiritual journey was not 100% spiritual after all. Maybe it was hiding some social aspirations as well, like getting smarter or richer. He wanted the best of both worlds and in the end he didn`t get very far. He was attending the effects while all this time the cause was neglected.

But that is just a case. Most new year`s resolutions are about getting to be more successful or thinner, once again using the same means and hoping to arrive to different end results. Somebody once said this is crazy and he was right. You might win a few battles but the war will be won by who and what you are and all your temporary victories will vanish if you don`t respect this simple rule. It`s all about cause and effect. Attend the cause first and you won`t even have to bother with the effects anymore. They will improve by themselves.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

The substance stars are made of

Tonight I have a bedtime story to share.

A long long time ago... or was it just a while ago? Hmm no matter, in my mind is as fresh as yesterday. It was sunny and warm, a perfect autumn day. I was walking down the street and I saw a girl in her early teens. She was rollerskating and enjoying her time with her friends. She was all a smile but I noticed one of her arms ended in a stump.

Immediately my mind processing entered a grim mode. I started to pity the girl thinking how hard it must be for her to go through life and how even more hardships are awaiting her in the future. Why things like this happen? Especially to a child. Life is not a walk in the park anyway...

And then she looked at me with a serene look on her face... I immediately felt ashamed. I realized my judgement was born out of a life of programming and social conditioning. The so-called reality my mind is constructing is what keeps me in the prison of judging something as good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate event, accepting or denying.

When that realization happened I stopped judging. I stepped out of my mind`s "comfort-zone" and realized life simply happens. It`s us who label things as good or bad. But that doesn`t make it real. Not at all. When what I hold to be acceptable clashes with what another holds to be acceptable then none is true. It`s just a mind construction, a daydream.

Old news, you might say if you read my previous writings. Something was different this time though.
When you look beyond form you see the truth, you see what is immortal, you see the substance we are made of. And I seen it in that child`s eyes. And I see it in the plants, and the animals, and a gorgeous landscape. It`s the feeling of being connected to one another, the feeling of not being an individual entity but one of the many parts of a sole organism. It`s the feeling of being transported beyond form back to the center of the universe. Back home.

Form dissipates because it is not real. A hand is a stump is no more. It`s just a machine we use to take us to our destination. The stump only exists in your head, and only until you step out and you realize it wasn`t there in the first place.

Forms are bound to change but the spirit is eternal. And maybe one day in autumn you will walk down the street and feel something that will rock your world, a feeling of oneness and completeness. It might come from a beautiful sunset, or a blossoming flower, or the smile of a child who knows what is important in life.

And then you wake up.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The lesson of a tiny creature

I was in the countryside during the weekend doing some labour around the house. I was shoveling some gravel which was to be used for building a new parking place for the cars. Close to ending when I was pretty tired and didn`t pay as much attention as before I unintentionally hit a frog which was hiding in the sand pile. Unfortunately the shovel cut down one of her legs.

It was a small to medium size light green frog. I took her and placed her on a pasture a bit further away. While doing so I couldn`t not notice how calm she was and how warm she was looking at me. Her eyes were watering, most likely because of the physical pain, but other than that she did nothing but to look at me and blink from time to time.

I was amazed by such peacefullness. Don`t think any human being could react this way when facing such a brutal vicissitude of life. However this tiny frog did nothing. Life is life and there`s not much we can do about it but live it and go with the flow. It doesn`t matter if you greet life with open arms or with clenched teeth. What is going to happen will happen whether you like it or not.

Somehow men didn`t learn this lesson. Animals and plants did. They live for the moment while men live for tomorrow with their silly dreams and expectations, fighting and waiting for something that will never come, destroying themselves and the planet we inhabit in their search.

All this time I was looking at this frog wondering what to do to make it better. I can`t really make a frog grow a leg back lol so there wasn`t much to do. However the time I took watching it meant something to me. I borrowed some of that peacefulness myself. Somehow a lesson in awareness has been thought and a frog was the teacher.

All the other beings we share this planet with have an important lesson to teach: to accept what it "is" and to abandon our mind programming and prejudice and everything that keeps us in the past or dreaming about a "better" future, and to live in the now - the only time that is certain.

I will close with a quote from the Bible even if "God" knows I`m one of the worst Christians walking the Earth. However this was quite appropriate:
"And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin" (Matthew 6:28)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

What is true?

A week or so ago I read a book by a guy who says he reached enlightenment. The method he was teaching his pupils was for them to simply discover "the truth" out of everything else.

"Think for yourself and figure out what’s true. That’s it. Ask yourself what’s true until you know."

So far so good. It didn`t help me that much but it was a good place to start.

"It`s about finding out what we know for c e r t a i n and everything else."

I wrote down a couple of things that resonated to what I hold to be true. Truth is that which was not created and what will never reach an ending. However there was no break through, no new discovery, no "Evrika!".

Until tonight, when a paragraph from Eckhart Tolle made some light. It is not the first time when life gave me some answers even if with a short delay and when I was nowhere waiting for it.

"If in your relationship you experience both love and the opposite of love - attack, emotional violence, and so on - then it is likely that you are confusing ego attachment and addictive clinging with love. [..] True love has no opposite. If your love has an opposite, then it is not love but a strong ego-need for a more complete and deeper sense of your self, a need that the other person cannot meet for you. It is the ego's substitute for salvation or God."

It is not something I never heard before. But somehow tonight it stroke a chord inside of me and suddenly there was light.
Eckhart is talking about love relationships. I`m talking about everything in life:

Whichever has an opposite is fake.

Simple as that, plus the answer to the question of "what is true". Whichever doesn`t have an opposite is the truth I have been waiting for.

This can be used in any situation life presents you with. If your happiness is "because" of something and in the absence of that thing you will start feeling miserable then the whole situation is not true - that for happiness vs. sadness but it`s the same for everything else which has an opposite.

All the opposite principles are representatives of duality, we live in a dual world after all. All those that do not have an opposite come from the world of non-duality and are those that will survive our mortal death.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


The non-mind is a lightning, a current of energy that burns you inside out. It starts with the thought. It continues with observing the thought and with stepping outside the thought. It ends with a scent, a flavor that cannot be expressed in words. Which is understandable after all words are expressed thoughts. No thought can express the non-thought, the non-mind.

You feel both full and empty same time - full of being and empty of illusion. This emptiness cannot be regarded as something negative, like boredom or unhappiness. The negative can only exist in the presence of the positive. This emptiness contains none of it. It`s void of any kind of emotion.

This current sweeps away your entire body, bit by bit, and eventually you start to feel that it is not just inside but also outside. This current is connected with the outer world as well, the energy going in and out as it chooses, like a wave in the ocean. That is when you start doubting the existence of your own body. How can you have a material existence when you clearly feel the wave inside out. Your "static" body is actually a movement of energy, a wave of particles.

You are unlimited. You have no beginning and no ending. This wind can take you miles away and it is only for the consciousness to hold it together. In the absence of this consciousness, nothing holds this wave in place. You would dissipate into oblivion.

In the absence of the mind and the thought, you experience a freedom you never did before. Life tastes sweeter, and not just metaphorically. However, even now you feel a bit caged. Why not stopping the consciousness all together? Why not dissipate completely into the Universe? Ultimate freedom - the end of everything.

Your body is not non-mind. Your body is mind. Your body is a cage. When you step outside the mind, your body feels liquid or even further less dense. This might explain how the American shamans were able to juggle with their own energy field, to transform themselves into whichever they desired and to completely leave the world when time came without leaving a corpse behind.

Or maybe the non-mind is not the ultimate answer. Maybe it`s just the opposite of the mind, just a creation to ensure duality on this plane. In this case none would be real except this dance of particles, held together by a thought. The ultimate answer is yet to be found, not in words at least.

The further you go down the lane the more questions you have and the less answers you are given. Life is here and now and not in these words you reading.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nothingness Enthroned

 "The elephant is a distortion in space, its spindly legs contrasting the idea of weightlessness with structure." - The Elephants, painting by Salvador Dali
 You look around and you see a room, a chamber full of objects. They form and define your space. To an extent they are part of your "persona". They speak about who and what you are, about what you stand for.

But what if instead of concentrating on the object, you loose yourself in the space between. What if, instead of seeing the end-of-the-road object, you see the void that supports the whole structure. Is an empty room really empty or is it full with substance? And if you fill your room with objects (and accordingly your mind with fleeting thoughts) doesn`t that take away some of your substance, some of your immortal nature? For objects come and go but there is something that is eternal.

There is a seed of creation that never dies or disappear. Unfortunately our kind is only interested in possessions, and I wonder if not, in a moment of solitude, we mirrored the emptiness inside of us and, scared of it we ran away and lost our awareness in this ocean of material illusions. What would happen if instead of running away we would embrace the emptiness and see where it takes us. Why be afraid? What do we have to loose?... Our minds probably, but maybe that is the whole point.

The emptiness is all around us. The emptiness is also inside. Going back to the quantum physics, they say that the solidity of the matter is an illusion. Even the apparent solidity of the human body is almost 100% empty space, this is how huge are the distances between the atoms comparing to their size. Even more than that, if you split an atom you will find the same substance - emptiness. What remains is more like a wave, a frequency (does that sound similar to our thoughts brainwaves by any chance?) - like the sounds of a unmanifested music. The whole matter is nothing but a wave of energy, a wave of thoughts, which we choose to see in a certain way and which gives birth to everything around us, our body, our chamber, our whole world. Our dream...

The Unmanifested is not present in this bipolar world but still it forms the substance from which this world was created. What does that mean but the fact that our true nature is in the void? We were born out of darkness and in darkness we shall return. This nothingness is our mother and our father. It gives us birth, it fills our space with "nothing", it nurtures us and helps us back on the right track for when we get trapped in the object.

So why fear the emptiness? Why go back to the mundane for fear of boredom and find things to do in order to pass the time? To continuously recreate dreams and illusions in the hope that this way we will be "something" or "somebody" when the truth is that we are nothing.

And if you taste this truth you might find out that this emptiness is more fulfilling than any object. Ironically, in the bosom of stillness you will find that which sets the world in motion.

Until next time have a day filled with emptiness and may the nothingness in one mirror the nothingness in the other.
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